jueves, 11 de julio de 2019


Last full day here in Naval... We don’t want the summer camp to end! 
     Today we went to the pool after the English lessons and we played an Uno tournament there. Some students are really good at this card game! 

  In the afternoon we played a friendly Baseball game. 
    After dinner, we gave the students their diplomas and their marks reports and we watched the video with all the pictures we had been taking during the camp. 
    And last but not least, we announced the winners of the competition: the Cools are the winners!!! Congrats to all the students for a great competition. 
We hope to see you next year.... 
                                 HAPPY SUMMER!!!

martes, 9 de julio de 2019


We can’t believe it’s Monday already! Time flies when you’re having fun. 

Today the students did archery and both houses did very well. 
    In the afternoon, we went to the bakery of Naval and we got to make our own bread. Some students were very creative and made very nice figures! 
   At night, we did another activity that the students were very much looking forward to: the Treasure Hunt. The students had a great time looking for all the clues around the village and even though neither of the houses managed to find all the clues, all of them did a great job. Congrats to both houses!



    We are having so much fun that we can’t believe it’s Sunday already! 

   We decided to do something a bit different for our students today and we did a little excursion to Peña Negra in the morning. It was a beautiful walk with wonderful views and the students loved it! 

   In the afternoon, we continued playing the baseball game that we started the other day. 
   And in the evening, we had our water war! The kids were very looking forward to this activity and they had a lot of fun. Both houses played very well but in the end the winners were the Cracks. 

lunes, 8 de julio de 2019


Hello from Naval! 

    Today we painted the pottery pieces that we made on Monday. All the students have done an incredible job, they have made real works of art. 



    At night, we made giant bubbles by the Colegiata and we had a great time trying to make the biggest bubble. 




Fifth day in Naval. 
 After the English lessons we had our famous Poolympics! The kids had a very good time and did great in all the challenges, but finally the Cools won.
   In the afternoon we played the first baseball game for the competition between the two houses. 
   At night, we did a very cool activity around the village: the students had to find several discs with different numbers spelt in morse code which they had to decode correctly in order to win the game. Although the winners were the Cracks, both houses did a very good job. 

viernes, 5 de julio de 2019


   It’s a bright new day here in Naval.  

   We had a lovely surprise for the kids after the English lessons: we went to a chicken farm to see the chicks! And some of our students were brave enough to hold them! 

   In the evening we had our first baseball match and the kids both did a great job and had a good laugh. 

   Finally we played bowling at night and the Cools won the game! Congrats! 


   Third day here in Naval. We’ve had our first day of archery and those who had never done it before loved it. This first day of archery has just been a warm-up for the competition between the two houses. 
 We also had a great time in the pool training for the beloved Poolympics. 

  Finally at night, the students made some beautiful postcards for their families. I must say that this year the students have done a great job and some are incredible works of art!