sábado, 21 de enero de 2017

Do you like learning English?

English students do not come to their English lessons like blank sheets of paper. They already have views about and attitudes towards learning English. These attitudes are formed by the social environment in which they grow up and by the people around them. It is important to be aware of these attitudes as they can influence pupils desire and motivation to learn English.

Some of the students may have found English very difficult because of the way it was taught and a change of method could stimulate their interest. Others may have experienced an early lack of success which could have contributed to their negative feelings. Achieving some success could make all the difference to their feelings. We can also take into account other influences on pupils attitudes like parental views and peer group pressure.

Pupils attitudes change as they get older, perhaps in response to internal developments and different experiences in their environment.

sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2016


Para mejorar estos aspectos lingüísticos hay que tener una planificación y seguirla a rajatabla, siendo muy constante:

- Aprender  5 o 6 expresiones cada semana y utilizarlas en frases.

- Repetir en voz alta expresiones con palabras nuevas.

- Todos los días 20-25 minutos de "Listening" Se pueden ver videos
en Youtube, noticias, series de TV o CDs.

- Preparar para cada clase un tema de conversación e imaginar posibles preguntas y respuestas sobre el mismo.

- Ponerse retos accesibles: Hablar sobre temas conocidos y así tenemos más seguridad a la hora de comunicarnos.

“Cuando pienses que no avanzas lo suficiente: cambia de actitud  y no seas demasiado perfeccionista”.

sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2016


Our habits largely condition what we are. When we aim to change something this is the way we should do so:

All actions we carry out require "activation energy". If we want to turn an action into a habit, it will be easier by lowering the level of energy needed to activate it. For instance, if you are preparing an English test and revision is required at home, do not keep the books or CD´s on the shelf or out of sight, leave them handy and properly visible, in a way every time you see them the right amount of energy you must apply to start revising will be activated, the handier the books are the better.

See to revise and listen to CD´s at the same time always and at least for 30 minutes. To get into a lasting habit it is necessary to repeat it at least for a month.

Once the habit is learnt, get down to revising is much easier and it takes less effort.

"Carlos Rebate"